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The Second Annual Turkey Bowl and Cheer Camp will be happening on November 20. Don't miss out on being part of two of SOWA's fastest growing events.

Athletes & Coaches Fundraising

Coaches and athletes are always encouraged to get involved in fundraising for Special Olympics Washington. Monies raised by teams go to help cover the costs associated with tournaments including meals, transportation, lodging and so forth. Additionally, teams that participate in fundraising activities are always looked upon favorably by the SOWA sports department when making requests for money to purchase new uniforms and equipment.

If a team would like to conduct their own fundraising activity, please feel free to do so. Fundraising practices should follow Special Olympics Washington standards and guidelines, and funds raised have to be turned into Special Olympics Washington to follow proper accounting and auditing procedures.

To register a local fundraiser, please complete the form and return it to Special Olympics Washington for processing and review the Athletes & Coaches Fundraising Guidelines.